Winners 2014 : m-Governance

Labor-Permit-@-Sparrow-SMSProject Title: Labor Permit @ Sparrow SMSLabor-Permit
Organisation : Janaki Technology Pvt. Ltd
Country : Nepal
Website : www.janakitech.comContact person: Kopila Janakitech
In most of the developing countries residents are usually very keen on finding work abroad. In order to serve the demands of such people and facilitate them with further information the Janki Technology from Nepal started a service called Labor Permit@ sparrow sms. This service provides migrant workers in Nepal with information about their status of labor permit and actual details of processing cost, thus stopping brokers who used to give fake information on recruitment leading to trafficking.

It has also been designed in a way that the end users can check the authenticity of the announced vacancy details with actual proposed salary and company profile simply through SMS service. This is a VAS service and can be accessed in English and Nepali language. At present the service is chargeable at Re 1 per sms with free auto reply although the developers are now planning to increase its cost ad make it to Rs 2 per sms.

nextdropProject Title : NextDropNext-Drop1
Organisation : NextDrop
Country : INDIA
Contact person: Nishesh Mehta
Email :
If you are a resident of Bengaluru and have been facing issues with water supply lately, you can seek help through ‘Next Drop’ .The project provides information on water availability to residents via automated calls and sms and provides information to utility engineers through web-based dashboard. It serves water utilities by collecting requisite data on water delivery outcomes and makes live data accessible to water utility engineers so they can quickly identify and address problems whenever detected or referred by the citizens.

The application reduces the time spent waiting for water by bringing transparency in the water distribution system. The project also addresses to households using unsafe and expensive water. Next Drop is a mobile-based service and uses real- time visibility into operations. There is no additional hardware that one needs to install for the purpose although the service is chargeable at INR 10 per month. The basic language for all operations is English.

logo 124Project Title : Citizen’s Connect – SMC Mobile AppCitizens-Connect
Organisation : Surat Municipal Corporation
Country :India
Website :
Contact person: Shri M. K. Das IAS
App :

Mobile technology is changing the way we experience and engage in our daily life. With the vision to make Surat a more organized city the Municipal Corporation has setup a mobile application Citizen’s Connect–SMC Mobile App. The app aims to provide information and services to people keeping them at pace with the latest technology. Using the app one can check and pay outstanding or advance property tax;

check and obtain death certificates; check shops and establishment registration certificate details; complaint about registration, share feedback; get information about -elected wing details; Admin Wing details, active tender information, active recruitment; rainfall information. This mobile app helps in saving the valuable time of citizens and also helps them in accessing information when required. All information on the app is available in English with Gujrati language support. The application is compatible with all android phones and can be downloaded for free of cost. It has 10,000 to 50,000 installations with an average rating of 4.5 by its users as per information on Google play.RO systems, rain water harvesting, local suppliers).

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