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Original title: SETT Browser for Android
Producer: Dhanika Kaushalya Perera
Platform: Mobile Browser
Segment: Mobile / mobility application developers
language: Sinhala, Tamil & English
Country: Sri Lanka


SETT Browser is a free & open-source mobile web browser application for Android with the capability of rendering & displaying Sinhala/Tamil Unicode text in the web with no rendering errors at all. With this browser, users can conveniently read any Sihala/ Tamil website, web page or web content through their Android phones with no renderingissues or having to root the phone or install the fonts manually.Sinhala/Tamil users are currently unable to read their local language web content with the Android legacy browser. SETT Browser doesn’t depend on the rendering capability of the Android platform since ithas its own complex script rendering engine & therefore the users can just install this application & use it to read their local language web content.SETT can be installed by going to Download & install the application on an Android device- Native Script rendering requires Android version 2.2 or above. – Latin Script transliterated rendering requires Android version 2.0.1 or above. Latin Script rendering should be selected from browser preferencesmenu, under the Script menu.

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