mbillionth Award 2015

Project Title : My IndiEye Travel Companions
Organisation : My Indieye Travel Companions Pvt. Ltd.
Country : INDIA
Website : www.myindieye.com

My IndiEye is a smartphone and GPS-guided video-tour application that uses stimulating visuals, narratives and animations blended with the sounds of the ancient past. It uses audio and video medium with contextual relevance. It is also considered more inclusive for the hearing and visually impaired. Tourists would know what they needed to see, where they would need to go and how they could reach there.

A Smartphone GPS-Guided Video tour has been developed for heritage sites giving travelers an independent, intuitive and rich experience. indian School of Business-incubated innovative company, my indiEye, has come up with a mobile product which is delivered on the Google Android platform.

The product helps people take Audio-Visual tours of our heritage sites and monuments. it also helps them take Virtual tours prior to visitation. there are free previews of all monuments to market and promote our sites. this increases tourist inflow to the site. the product also explains people about all logistical information, prices etc. to help them reach the site and prevent any bad experiences. Content for each site has been developed by award-winning historians, film-makers and academicians. the technology architecture is scalable and state-of-the art. Customization has been done to make it suitable to indian environments.

Since the product uses audio and video mechanisms it is more inclusive for the hearing/ visually impaired. Video stories developed by award-winning historians and film-makers on recommended points of interest across the fort. this application reduces chances of unethical/ illegitimate/ mugging/ criminal acts against tourists, thereby enhancing the reputation of india as a tourist destination. Also, it reduces the burden on Government to train a large number of guides on soft and hard skills.

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