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Value Added Product Development using mobile technology


Original title: Value Added Product Development using mobile technology
Producer: Indian Grameen Services (IGS)
Media Format: mPayment; Biometric
language: Hindi, Telegu and English
Country: India


Indian Grameen is a financial-inclusion initiative of Indian Grameen Services (IGS)and Sub-K I Transaction Limited (Sub-K) that aims to make day-to-day transaction accessible, affordable and trust-filled to facilitate inclusive growth of the unreachable and create a more prosperous society.
Indian Grameen provides services like micro-pensions, micro-insurance, NREGA and other government payments, Money Transfer, Micro-Credit, Utility Payments and Prepaid Mobile Top-up through a Business Correspondent. The services to be offered are with Subscription to Package of Practices (POP), which serves as a one-stop portal for all crop-related information and weatherrelated information. It provides a diagnosis of crop problems and solutions.Through this package, agriculture-based consultation services are provided within radius of 30 km.
The mobile and BC-enabled model builds a knowledge bank of crop-related problems and solutions, thereby reducing dependencies on experts; tracking service delivery on package of practices by Livelihood service delivery as compared with a Manual field audit; and improves the trust and confidence of the farmer.
Indian Grameen service is available in 6 districts of Bihar and around 100 outlets where mobile based services have been provided in the region. The best part is that service is available in Hindi, Telegu and English.
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