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Ponds Let


Original title: Ponds Let
Producer: TELiBrahma
Media Format: Voice; IVR
language: English
Country: India


The Let’s Pink is a Corporate Social Responsibility of Ponds, for women and their spouses. The initiative, called ‘Newspaper Call the Doctor’ is a media campaign to bring awareness on causes, symptoms
and treatment of breast cancer in India.
Activation comes to you: Newspaper Call the Doctor transforms a newspaper into an On-ground Activation tool. Developed by TELiBrahma, Newspaper Call the Doctor leverages the advantages of a newspaper by enhancing distribution, its reach and connects with masses. THe product provides a greater activation value to brands and consumers.
Using Newspaper Call the Doctor, readers can capture editorial images/ logos to view and the latest information. It embraces consumers to engage with the editorials, capture editorial images or logos, video clippings of interviews and videos telecast on channels with the main story but not published. IntARact effectiveness helps users in understanding how technology can be integrated with multiple touch points.
On the first day of the Pond’s ‘Breast Cancer Awareness’ campaign, 10,000+ engagements were accomplished. The video reached 58% of users and 3,176 scans were accomplished. The scan resulted in simple steps like the Doctor locator App, Video & Self-Test instructions, Support Pledge, facebook Connect and more.
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