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Citizens Voice


Original title: Citizens Voice
Producer: Population Services Training Center
Media Format: UShahidi; Voice; SMS
language: Bengali, English
Country: Bangladesh


Originally known as Nagorik Kontho, which means ‘citizens’ voices’ in Bangla, this web-based platform is a maiden effort in Bangladesh to bring citizens close to service providers. We enable a three-way-dialogue between citizens, elected representatives and service providers. Developed by the Population Services Training Center, the project aims to address the supply as well as the demand sides to better services. The application is based on the Ushahidi platform, which has been completely localized in Bangla. The platform has been also customized for low bandwidth access.
Citizens’ Voices helps citizens voice their opinion, feedback and suggestions in the form of text/voice/image/videos.Formally launched in May 2011, Citizen’s Voices is actively promoting transparency and accountability in governance. Specifically, citizens can publish reports online on quality of service delivery for public scrutiny.Simultaneously, service providers are given the opportunity to respond.This voice-enabled platform is also helping in implementing the Right to Information (RTI) Act, 2009 by allowing citizens to voice their needs and concern in a convenient manner.
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