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Bhasha Puvath


Original title:Bhasha Puvath
Producer: Bhasha Lanka (Pvt) Ltd
Media Format: Android; Mobile
language: Sinhala, Tamil, Hindi, English
Country: Bhasha Lanka (Pvt) Ltd


Bhasha Puvath, developed by Bhasha Lanka, is an all-in-one native language news app available in the Sinhala and Tamil languages.
Bhasha Puvath includes the latest news from 30 different news sources in Sri Lanka, including most of the news broadcasting channels & newspapers. The Hindi version of the channel, Bhasha Samachar, includes 4 Hindi channels in India. The idea behind developing Bhasha Lanka is to eliminate the language barrier and deliver the latest news to users in their own local language and also on their mobile phones. In general, most of its products and services are available on mobile phones.
Bhasha Puvath is the only mobile solution that delivers the latest News in the user’s native language from many news sources. Users do not even need to pay for the content and get the full content on their handset. Bhasha Puvath was initially developed as Android app. The Hindi versions of the app have been downloaded 5,000 times while 5,000 Sinhala/Tamil versions have been downloaded.
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