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All Events in City


Original title:All Events in City
Producer: All Events in City
Media Format: WAP; RSS
language: English
Country: India


DESCRIPTION: is a platform to easily share and access different kinds of events happening across the globe. The primary objective is to reduce steps needed to bring a person’s event to global visibility and make it easy for a content consumer to access information of events happening in the city/ location of his choice.
The platform is currently split into 4 parts – web-portal; mobile portal;Android application and iOS- enabled platform. The technology service also includes RSS feeds, Browser extensions, e-tickets and e-mail subscription.The application can be directly accessed on a desktop/ laptop computer or a tablet by going to As the application does not use any flash-enabled files, it is also iOS-friendly. The application sends a list of events based on the user’s location. It can then be shared. The target group for the service is primarily of the age group 15-35,gender-agnostic, moderate to heavy users of social networking services and those comfortable with computers and smartphones.
The uniqueness of AllEvents is that it simplifies the whole process of sharing and viewing events.By shortening it to just one mandatory step (facebook connect) and automating the rest of the steps, the burden is shifted from the user to the service. This automated system also helps increase the pool of events available. Presently,AllEvents posts over 400,000 events every month.
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