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Original title: 1000Lookz
Producer: VDime Innovative Works
Media Format: WAP; App; iOS;
Country: India


1000Lookz can claim to be the first Virtual Makeover application specifically developed for the fashion and beauty industry. It has been developed by VDime’s Technology. This free beauty makeover app is available on iPhone, the web and facebook. Through it, women can check out the best shades for their skin tones right on their own photos, before going to buy products. This includes foundation, blush, gloss, lipstick, eye shadow and eye liners that are available in hundreds of shades and colours from leading brand names like Pur Minerals and Flawless You Forever (FYF). Under 1000Lookz, there are two kinds of services available: 1000Lookz Virtual Beauty Makeover and 1000Lookz Nail.
Once users have downloaded the app, they can adjust the skin tone of the hand to match their own color. The users choose from a colour palette that has an impressive range of shades and colours, besides options to choose from matte or glitter finishes. Moreover, users can share the photos of glittery nails with their friends on facebook or email them.These feature gives real-time facial image processing, facial features identification & skin tone detection. More than 100 photos are uploaded every day and over 22,000 photos have been downloaded in the first 100 days. 65,000 users have visited from 122 countries.
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