for serving the working capital needs of small businesses especially in the trading community

Initiative Name: Bridge2capital
Xtracap Fintech India Pvt. Ltd.
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Haryana, India

Birdge2Capital is an application designed to empower small businesses in small cities of India by fulfilling their working capital needs. By using verified financial data flow of the customers, XTRACAP FINTECH India creates tailor-made financial plans including invoice financing platform for the informal economy, ensuring 100% end-utilization of loan to GST registered suppliers, reduced rate of interest, offering cashback to on-time paying customers, fixing a working capital limit to enhance business turnover, and a UI/UX with three-click experience.

Over 1,200 small businesses have noted an impact through Bridge2Capital with an increase in profits by 3% or 5% and growth in turnover by 20 to 30%. Moreover, the fintech application ensures 100% transparency and enhanced walk-in customer experience and retention leading to a 20% rise in customer demand fulfilment.