for providing personalized weather-based, crop management advisories to small & marginal farmers

Initiative Name: Farmprecise Mobile Application
: Watershed Organization Trust (WOTR)
App Link:
Maharashtra, India

Farmprecise mobile application attends to farmers requirement of a dynamic system tailored to specific farms with weather-responsive advisories across key aspects of agricultural operations to mitigate weather-induced risks, lower the losses and cost of production, increase productivity and improve income. With options such as weather forecast for up to 5 days, fertiliser calculator, integrated pest disease library, crop specific advisories based upon sowing date of crop, forum for inquiry, and news covering all farming factors.

Watershed Organisation Trust (WOTR) has noted a significant impact with the farmers of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, and Telangana who refer to the application for rainfall prediction. Further, the digital forum records grievances of approximately 50 farmers a day and the feature — ‘Mandi’ has allowed to safeguard hegemony of middlemen by sharing prices of nearby located Mandis.