Initiative Name: Taana Baana
Organization: Jaipur Rugs Company Pvt Ltd
Location: Rajasthan, India

Jaipur Rugs works with 40,000 artisans in 600 villages in India, providing families with sustainable livelihood at their doorsteps. There is a need for establishing a way to get real-time updates from the artisans on the stages of rug production. The Taana-Baana app has been developed to address this issue of tracking the rug making process at the ground level in real time. It is an android app that captures the production status of the rugs directly from the loom, increasing the efficiency of one of the most disorganised sector. The idea is to increase people involvement & reduce unemployment, to make artisans more efficient in their day to day functioning. The app also enables artisans to create direct connect with the customers by clicking and sharing village activities and progress of their orders. Moreover, Taana Baana also allows virtual story telling where designers and artisans convey the inspiration behind the design directly to the customer.