Initiative Name: StoryWeaver
Organization: Pratham Books
Location: Karnataka, India

StoryWeaver is the first digital repository of multilingual stories for children that not only gives free and open access to reading resources, but also provides collaborative tools that allow users to adapt the content to their needs. All books on the platform are available under the Creative Commons license, providing users with free access. The books are also available for download and printing in open formats like PDFs and ePubs which allows free mobility for readers. Educators can bookmark their favourite books on the platform, and share them via social media. For educators looking for curated resources, there are themed Book Lists that can be used in the classroom. This feature was designed “mobile-first,” given the understanding of consumption habits of educators. The strategy has been extremely successful with over 90% of all lists consumed over mobile. Derivative versions of the high-quality publisher content help educators customise content for their classrooms through the ‘Translate’ feature. On an average, there are 12 derivative versions for each original book, helping build a large repository of books in 203 languages.