Initiative Name: SmartLOO Platform
Organization: Samagra Empowerment Foundation
Location: Uttar Pradesh, India

In order to provide clean sanitation provision to millions of women and girls living in urban slums, there is a dire need to increase the capacity, efficiency, and accountability of the Urban Local Bodies (ULB) and toilet operators. SmartLoo focuses on improved sanitation service provision. It comprises of IoT Sensors and Analytics Engine that interfaces with existing e-governance or Smart-City Infrastructure of ULBs, enabling them to improve management through monitoring capabilities, actionable intelligence and engagement. The data from these sensors is used to evaluate the facility in real-time and alert the concerned officials as and when attention is required. This results in prompt resolution of issues. SmartLoo increases accountability and engagement, resulting in faster issue resolution, increased usage, and customer satisfaction. This results in a significant reduction in annual costs of toilet maintenance and refurbishment. The app creates a Digital Infrastructure for Sanitation thereby creating synergy between Samaaj, Bazaar, and Sarkar. This directly impacts the Urban Poor and Marginalised communities who rely on Out-of-Home toilets and suffer due to unhygienic facilities.