Initiative Name: SmartFarm
Organization: CropIn Technology Solutions Pvt LTD
App Link:
Location: Karnataka, India

Over a period of time, there has been a drastic decline in agricultural productivity due to factors like low crop yields and unpredictable climate changes. The farming community also is faced with challenges like poor market linkages to sell fresh produce, lack of inputs to generate higher yields and poor access to finance and credit facilities. Cropin’s SmartFarm application is a complete farm management application which enables agribusinesses to take up a data driven approach. This helps in improving the farm-level productivity and supply chain efficiency as well as reduce crop loss. The platform collects data such as crop variety, crop yield, weather, soil quality, water stress, fertilizer-inputs and gives real-time data insights that enable agribusinesses to make informed decisions and manage risks. It provides complete visibility of people, processes and field performance, along with the capability to trace and predict output. Supported in 29 languages, SmartFarm application includes timely crop and location specific climate-smart farm advisory and interactive web dashboards to view and manage farmers, field activities, and production estimates. It also consists of satellite monitoring and remote sensing data to identify and capture different cropping patterns, and credit risk assessment and management.