Initiative Name: Smart Box-Gsm
Organization: Madhya Pradesh Poorva Khsetra Vidyut Vitaran Company Ltd. Jabalpur


Indian power distribution sector faces some perennial problems while disconnecting electricity supply of defaulter consumers. It is one of the most difficult tasks in this sector due to consumer’s protest that follows disconnection. Moreover, working on live line is dangerous, time taking and requires huge manpower.

For a long time, engineers have expected a technology or device that can empower them to reconnect electricity supply of consumers remotely. This is now finally possible, and in an economical manner, without the need to make much changes in the existing system. For this purpose, a small circuit has been developed consisting of GSM SIM, micro-controller and electronically operated switch, which is installed in the existing pole mounted LT distribution box and all service lines of the consumers are fed through it.  This box has 10 switches, marked 1 to 10, and consumers are connected through these switches. Normally, all switches are ON. Whenever a connection is required to be disconnected, (say connected to Switch 1); a call from the mobile is established to the number of the SIM installed in the box and by dialing *10 during the call, a consumer connected to Switch 1 will be disconnected from electricity supply. When it is required to re-establish electricity supply of consumer connected to Switch 1, a call is again established to the SIM and by dialing *11, the supply of consumer is restored. The same method will be adopted for operating consumers connected to Switch 1 to 10.