Initiative Name: Shruti App
Organization: India Medtronic Pvt. Ltd.
App Link:
Location: Haryana, India

Entraview and the Shruti application Kit is core to the delivery model called ‘Shruti’. This app creates a sustainable program of low-cost otology care including awareness, screening, diagnosis, and treatment to the undeserved, by leveraging technology with frugal innovation. Shruti program establishes B2B partnerships with ENT clinics, hospitals in Tier 2 and 3 locations. These services enable doctors to deploy screening efforts in their catchment and only those preliminarily diagnosed with a problem are offered subsidised consultation and treatment. The main services offered are Entraview with the downloaded application, patient management platform along with training to enable the screening process. Shruti Program using the solution (Entraview and Shruti Application) has been able to screen over seven lakh people and provide ear care treatment to over 25,000 patients till September 2019. The patients vary from minimal intervention like those with impacted wax and foreign bodies in their ear to those who require surgery and hearing aid to restore their ear health.