Initiative Name: Sanket Life
Organization: Agatsa Software Private Limited
App Link:


Sanket is a platform comprising of pocket ECG recorder, Sanket Life App and Sanket Cloud. Sanket device acquires 12-lead ECG just by touching the sensors (which means no leads, no gel or electrodes are required). Sanket Life app displays, creates and shares report of 12-lead ECG on any smartphone via Sanket services like instant ECG interpretation services and Cloud service with big data analysis. Sanket is the world’s smallest, leadless, wireless credit card-sized ECG monitor.

Using their innovative and unique ECG device, users can easily monitor and log their blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol levels or get doctor opinion from Regular Paper ECG. It’s the only device and app that can perform 12-lead ECG check. The ECG data is kept on the phone and can be instantly sent to a cardiologist/doctor for interpretation and review. Besides the heart rate monitoring, the device and app can also follow and monitor stress levels and get ECG reviewed.

Sanket has proved impact on rural lives in the state of Tripura by providing low-cost cardiac care at state-run PHCs.