for providing a one-stop solution to all fisherman needs

Initiative Name: “Machli” AI based Mobile application for Marine Fisher Folk
Organization: Reliance Foundation
App Link:
Maharashtra, India

Machli is an AI-based mobile application for fisherfolk who embark on the journey without knowing the ocean state forecast. Reliance foundation’s application supports the fisher by updating weather-based information in a radius of 150k.m., viewing GPS location of landing centres within 200k.m., holding a toll-free helpline for assistance while using the app, and suggest advisories presented in audio, text and tabulated numerically in over 9 languages such as Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Marathi, Gujarati, Kannada, Odia, Bengali, Hindi, and English. Further, the application is available free of cost on the Google Play Store.

Over 10,520 fisherfolks now rely on ‘Machli’ within one year. All users reported weather forecast helped in averting their losses, 77% noted an increase in income, 76% recorded additional fish capture through potential fishing zone advisories, 11 empty fishing expeditions were avoided saving input cost – INR. 12,800 using weather information, and the input material such as diesel was lowered by significant margins reducing the carbon emission.