Initiative Name: ReadToMe
Organization: English Helper Education Technologies Pvt Ltd
App Link:
Location: New Delhi, India

Illiteracy is a major problem globally, denying people opportunities of higher education & training, entrapping them in the cycle of generational poverty. ReadToMe leverages a sophisticated, simple to use, AI-driven multi-sensory technology platform designed to improve reading, comprehension and spoken English skills. The app has been developed using studies from neurosciences that suggest multi-sensory structured learning education has significant potential to improve the systematic acquisition of reading skills. The brain creates specialised neural pathways for recognising arbitrary cultural inventions such as letter. An initiative of RightToRead, it focuses on large-scale, speedy and affordable implementation of a technology-enabled reading program mainly in government schools. It is operational in more than 300 districts across 28 states and 4 Union Territories of India. The success of the program has also enabled English Helper to leverage partnerships and launch in schools in Africa (Sierra Leone & Nigeria), Asia (Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal & Vietnam), and Central America (Colombia, Nicaragua, Honduras & Guatemala).