Initiative Name: Project Orasi 2.0 World
Organization: EnifLabs


Orasi 2.0 World is a highly efficient and accurate mobile device that has been designed and developed, especially for the visually impaired individuals who are in need of user-friendly mobile devices to access non-Braille content that they come across during their day-to-day lives.

The functionalities of making calls, sending text messages, sending emergency alerts, describing user surroundings, reading out texts and recognising the textual content of photographed images; and then converting them into an audio output are available in this all-in-one solution. In addition, it helps users to recognise certain objects in the environment that they may encounter in everyday life.  Orasi 2.0 has features such as OTG support, Bluetooth Support, 60 Braille buttons with 12 different useful functionalities such as SMS functionalities, OCR functionalities, call-based functionalities and translation functionalities, which are not available in any other devices. Moreover, the price of the product makes it affordable for the target audience. Hence, Orasi 2.0 allows visually impaired individuals to overcome struggles they face when they use a mobile or come across textual content in their day-to-day life.