for reducing childhood morbidity & mortality by monitoring low birth weight on a real-time basis

Initiative Name: Piennacle Onekeycare Ventures
Onekeycare Ventures Private Limited
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Rajasthan, India

The initiative of OneKeyCare Ventures — ‘IoT solution which aids in accurately reporting and monitoring of low birth weight and reduces childhood morbidity’ is accurately measuring the birth weight to diagnose malnutrition; allow access to information remotely; reduce healthcare workers workload by capturing, feeding and reporting data, therefore also negating the margin of error; suggest involved beneficiaries to make data-driven decisions; interlink the data with state governments, and operate with limited digital literacy while maintaining accountability.

The solution of OneKeyCare Ventures is currently deployed in Jaipur and Udaipur, Rajasthan with 160 machines spread through 33 districts at 108 Primary Healthcare Centres. Today, over 57,000 babies have been weighed and over 92,000+ records have been monitored in a span of 14months.