Initiative Name: NaPanta
Organization: FarmGreen Agritech India Pvt Ltd
App Link:
Location: Telangana, India

There exists a huge gap between the actual on-field situations and government-supported activities in Indian agricultural ecosystem. The expertise and solutions to the problems in farming by the agricultural scientists hardly reaches the farmer due to their ivorytower approach. By the time farmers with small landholding get some information about genuine seeds or crop protection solutions, it is already too late. Such a scenario could be avoided with the help of NaPanta. The NaPanta app, developed by FarmGreen Agritech India Pvt Ltd, allows farmers to access real-time information pertaining to crop management techniques, pesticides, insecticides, weather forecast, crop insurance, cold storage and agri-dealer information of a specific location. The app also provides daily market prices prevailing in more than 3500 all-India markets for over 300 agri commodities, along with a three-year price trend. Moreover, the application also helps farmers track their agricultural expenses in an organised manner. With the help of NaPanta, a farmer can book agricultural equipment as and when crop cycle demands and also sell their produce through it’s online market platform without the intervention of any middlemen.