Initiative Name: MPMobile App
Organization: MPOnline Limited
App Link:
Country: India

MPMobile App is a collaborative initiative between the MP Government and TATA Consultancy Services Ltd (TCS). Formulated in 2015, the application facilitates delivery of citizen centric services through a Public‐Private Partnership model and has seen over 4 lakh downloads since its formation. Delivering citizen-centric services to the masses on their door steps, MPMobile is thus a new multi- channel that provides services from various government departments and other service providers.The mobile app provides flexibility, immediacy and convenience; encourages citizens or service providers to make use of the information technology and resource access. It also creates a 24X7 availability of services. MPMobile App was also a finalist for the mBillionth Award in 2016 and has received the recongnition of Chairman’s Disctinction in mBillionth Awards 2018.