A mobile app that turns smart phone into a rich, graphical, voice-enabled, personalized smart remote

Sensara a TV Deep Technology company that has launched two products— Sensy Home and Sensy App, Sensy Home is a device that allows a smartphone to control the set-top-box hence turning it into a smart remote. Sensy Home is a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to InfraRed (IR) Bridge. With the help of a Sensy Home, users can switch to a chosen channel directly from within the Sensy app, irrespective of the operator.

Sensy App helps users browse and discover TV content on any channel in any language, change channels, search based on actor, genre, program, view web videos for your favorite TV shows through a well-designed interface. Using automatic audio content recognition, Sensy App can sense what users are watching on TV and connect them to related videos, songs & products on popular apps. From the app, users can even do voice search and change TV channels.

The Sensy App can function independent of the Sensy Home device. The app recognises phone’s in-built infrared emitter and automatically connects the phone to the set-top-box, enabling the remote feature. However, if a phone doesn’t have an IR communicator, SensyApp connects through Sensy Home via BLE, and Sensy Home in turn blasts the required IR codes with the operator-specific protocols (like your old remote) to control the set-top box.

A single Sensy Home enables all the phones to become rich, graphical, voice-enabled, personalized remote and the Sensy Home makes the experience seamless by connecting the app to the TV.

Sensara also has a large automated real-time semantic database of TV Ads – called AdBreaksin. Sensy tracks the semantics of advertisements, thus, retargeting ads from TV to mobile. For example: Ads shown on Facebook, after a user has just seen a Cadbury ad on TV, Deals on a Food app, right after a Pizza ad on TV, Books an app can sell, after an author’s TV interview.


Project Name: Vizmato
Organisation: Globa Delight Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Website: www.vizmato.com
Email: vipin.mishra@globaldelight.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vizmato/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Vizmato

A mobile app that makes movie-editing fun and easy

Global Delight is a leading iOS app developer. On iOS, Global Delight is known for having made Camera Plus, a total solution for users’ mobile photography needs with over 22 Million downloads. It has recently released Vizmato, formerly known as Game Your Video, a social videoediting app that helps record, edit and share videos in real time.

Vizmato is a movie-editing mobile application that provides a variety of features to improve the video editing experience. Users can customize their video by adding unique themes, themes, and mood-setting filters, In-App music/soundtracks, HD recording and FX.

The unique feature of app is that it provides its users a choice to either apply Themes, Filters, and FX while recording to get a real sense of the final product, or they can choose to apply all of these after recording. The app is unique in its ability to apply these features live, or in post-edit. Vizmato also has 16 custom Soundtracks, or Viztunes, to match any mood users want to set.

Themes are a combos of Viztunes, FX, and filters that work together to create a themed mood or tone. Themes like creepy, old-timey, silly, sci-fi are available as filters for videos. Vizmato also has live HD recording, and runs at 60fps. The subscription pack comes with all available Themes, Filters, and FX, as well as cloud storage. Vizmato’s In-App social platform, Popular, allows users to showcase Vizmato creations. Users can shoot various videos, cut, edit and merge upto 5 videos from the Vizmato’s library.

Users can share these customised videos instantly on social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, facebook, Twitter as well as Vizmato’s own In-App platform, Popular. Popular lets users share videos, get featured and get discovered by other users.  There are more than 4 million users who’ve used Game Your Video, now known as Vizmato. It offers various subscription packages and can be downloaded from iOS app store.