Initiative Name: Love Matters (India)
Organization: Development Consortium


Love Matters India is the first ever bilingual sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) project in India and is now leading in the world. Since the SRHR programme was launched in 2011, it has seen huge successes in India in the last 5 years and expanded to five countries with local and regional chapters in China, Kenya, Egypt and Mexico. The digital project doubles up as a safe online space where young people can engage in conversations related to their sexual and reproductive health.

The website is a taboo-free zone, which provides critical and comprehensive information on SRHR issues in an open, friendly and non-judgemental environment. The project believes in enabling young people to make informed decisions on SRHR issues by providing them science and rights-based information.

Love Matters was awarded by the World Association of Sexual Health in 2013 for their most innovative sexual health platform. #NotMusicToMyEars, a campaign against sexism in Bollywood music, won a Bronze Lion in the radio category of Cannes Lions, the International Festival of Creativity.

The campaign also received the prestigious Kyoorius Award in India.

Further, Love Matters India is credited with launching the country’s first ever virtual reality 360 films on intimate partner violence. It gives immersive experience to users by making them step into the shoes of the victim. A first for India, public installation of these films were carried out across several metro stations in Delhi, enabling 5,000 people to watch the films.