for creating a platform for initiating climate change & pollution narrative on mainstream media

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Haryana, India is a storytelling platform engaging individuals with climate change and pollution by allowing them to initiate change using their mobile phones. People, organisations, and the government are collectively involved to find both — short and long term solution to air pollution through mainstream and social media. provides the opportunity to connect with policy leaders, activists, fact-checkers, and corporates with the assistance of storytellers to connect to the larger narrative, add additional relevant data, and promote fact-checking.

The initiative has allowed for behavioural and policy level change using platform to build an unbiased climate movement by campaigns such as #CleanAirBharat with UNEP which occupied over 14million Indians on the first-ever international day of clean air for blue skies, and  #DRAFTEIA2020 involving over 5 lakh people to use the sample letter and voice their concerns.