for providing online classes to students through facebook, youtube and other social media channels

Initiative Name: First Bell Digital Classes
Kerala Infrastructure and Technology for Education (KITE), Govt of Kerala
App Link:
Kerala, India

First Bell Digital Classes is the byproduct of the pandemic providing digital classes through KITE VICTERS education channel irrespective of geographical and socio-economic background. Within 2 weeks, over 15,000 schools of Kerala received 1.2 lakh laptops, 27 TB of data was downloaded in a single day through the VICTERS website, the YouTube channel crossed 1million subscribers, and the mobile application crossed the 16.60 lakh download mark. Furthermore, the content is available in Kannada and Tamil on the YouTube channel.

Kerala Infrastructure and Technology for Education’s effort to revive classes amidst the pandemic with limited resource availability is highly utilised and appreciated by parents, children, and teachers. With the successful completion of Hi-tech projects at Primary and Secondary levels, a sufficient number of ICT equipment ensured the students deprived of internet connectivity or television at their homes.