Initiative Name: Kahi Ankahi Baatein
Organization: CREA


CREA, in partnership with Gram Vaani, TARSHI and Gurgaon ki Awaaz has launched a mobile phone-based info-line called Kahi Ankahi Baatein (Speaking the Unsaid).

This mobile-based technology uses Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) to disseminate essential rights-based information on different themes of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR). In the Pilot Phase, the info-line covered seven thematic areas, covering menstruation, relationships, contraception, consent, violence, youth and disability.

The IVRS system is based on a missed call alert system. To keep the service free of cost, the server disconnects the call and the system dials back. When the caller receives the call, she/he hears the introductory comments and a jingle that introduces the mobile phone info-line and its contents, including directions on how to use IVRS.

A round-the-clock mobile-based technology, this service overcomes the limitations of time and distance and has the potential of reaching out to a diverse range of audience, overcoming the barriers of geographical location, age, class and accessibility.

Through IVRS technology, info-line has been able to reach out to some of the most remote and rural Hindi speaking districts of the country and it has led to a significant outreach among the transgender community and disabled people who have traditionally been marginalised from receiving SRHR-related information. The results of a survey conducted by CREA show that about 2 percent of the listeners were transgenders.