Initiative Name: – B2B Gems & Jewellery Marketplace App
Organization: Jewelxy Marketplace Pvt. Ltd.
App Link:
Country: India

By creating an innovative online market place for the jewellery industry, Jewelxy Marketplace is reinventing how traders and buyers interact and trade, by creating a platform accessible for free. The application provides an online inventory of products to suppliers and dealers, while also enabling networking between a growing consumer base. A 24*7 available facility provides real time updates and analytics to producers and consumers, thus creating genuine opportunities and a successful online business presence. Jewellery is a booming business and one that caters to an ever growing business, especially in a country like India. Thus an innovative concept like is not only simplifying how jewellery traders can create new and more long lasting businesses for the jewellery industry, but is also ensuring a more strengthened trading system.