Sign Language Interpreter

Project Name: “Sign Language Interpreter”
Organisation: “G3 Solutions”

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Empowering Deaf to communicate through 3D model Technology

Sign Language Interpreter is a product to communicate in Deaf Sign Language. This technology translates text/ voice into sign language using a 3D model.

Deaf use sign language to convey their ideas to other people. Just as non-deaf people don’t understand sign language, for the deaf people there is a difficulty to understand what non-deaf people communicate since they use sound patters.

The mobile application and web browser add-on will identify each word and construct the related 3D animation of each sign and combine them automatically. Subsequently final 3D animation will act as a sign translator which demonstrates continuously.

The system can be used as a portable object to different platforms as well as different purpose. By developing the base 3D model, the product can be extended as News Reader Add-On for any web browser, News interpreter for Televisions, Automated Video subtitle (Eg: YouTube Caption, film subtitle) translator, Sign SMS Reader, Online Guider, Guiding application for specific locations (Airport, Hospital, Super market).

In desktop and mobile version user can type any word or a phrase in the given space. When a user opens the application, a small text box appears. By clicking the text box, a user can enter text which they wish to translate in British Sign Language.  Users can highlight text that they wish to translate into sign animation.

While the 3D model is animating the user can change the speed of the animation and can rotate the model left and right sides to learn the exact way of showing particular sign. The system will show some specific words (e.g.: Nouns) letter by letter that are not included in the gesture database.

It is a unique and user-friendly learning and communicating tool that can be used by all. This is the very first add on in Firefox which translate selected text to British Sign Language.

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Project Name: Vibration Series – Products for the Deaf-Blind
Organisation: Bidirectional Access Promotion Society
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Mobile App enables Deaf-Blind to communicate

Bapsi has previously developed free and open source software for persons with multiple disabilities like eLocutor, Skid, PocketSMS.

In India, there are 500,000 people who are affected both by severe visual and hearing difficulties. Of this number, an exceedingly small number are able to access care and education institutions with the specialised facilities presently needed to help deal with numerous issues in connection with life.

BAPSI has developed VIBRATIONS apps for smartphones for the Deaf-Blind which can be accessed in English and all languages supported by google. VIBRATIONS is a series of mobile apps, that enables the deafblind to receive and produce information to communicate using a smartphone, learn and play.

The app is expected to be used widely across different sections of the deaf and blind but targeting the deaf with low vision, literate and preliterate deafblind persons.

VIBRATIONS consists of a table that vibrates in Morse code, on which many people can rest their fingers. A marquee of lights, large enough for those with low vision. It would be safe for kids to touch the lights. A difference in temperature between elements that are lit and those that are not, would allow a completely blind child to trace the pattern of lit bulbs, so you could do Braille, lines and other simple geometrical shapes. The teacher would be able to use her laptop to create a Power-point presentation and share that with her students. With those students who do have limited hearing, she would additionally have quality audio communication as well. A chat channel running on the laptop would allow the students to discuss as a group.

Bapsi has developed a low-cost, sustainable solution which would be introduced to the Deafblind through workshops across the country and based on user feedback, improvisations on technology and information would be carried.