A mobile app that creates safer atmosphere for its citizens

Hyderabad City Police Department envisioned Citizen Services Delivery through Mobile Technology which in turn resulted into an end product called “Hawk Eye”.

Launched in 2015, Hawk Eye is integrating the Police communication network system for prompt response to citizens. It also serves as a tool in improving the operational efficiency of the Police and in enhancing collaboration between Public and Police, particularly for establishing a Safe and Smart Hyderabad City.

This tool emphasizes police to achieve its primary objective to respond to Citizen’s reports or complaints for assistance in emergencies in the shortest possible time with appropriate resources. Hawk Eye mobile application, Hyderabad police has facilitated a streamlined work flow and communication channel with its citizens through smartphones and tablets.

One of the key features of ‘Hawk Eye’ is an SOS button for accessing help in case of emergencies and for ensuring women’s say while travelling. The app allows citizens to upload pictures, share geo- locations to report traffic violations, crime, theft, police violations. People can register details of servants/ workers/ tenants with police directly through the app rather than visiting a police station. Users can also check the status of the report filed; suggest ways to improve policing, access all contacts of Hyderabad Police and recommend good work carried out by the police.

Till date 8500 complaints have got posted by the citizen. 80% of the total complaints have been addressed and appropriate action has been taken. SOS service has received over 700 alerts with immediate action taken by the police. Hyderabad city police imposes e-challans on traffic violators, hence hawk eye has built an impression that a third eye – hawk eye is watching every anti social elements.

VAT Checker

Project Name: VAT Checker
Organisation: EnamelBD
Website: NA
Email: jubayer0511@live.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vat.checker/
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Bangladesh’s first VAT Checker mobile application

In Bangladesh a lot of traders are involved in tax evasion activities even though huge Value Added Taxes are levied on consumers who buy any kind of charged services.

Launched in October 2015, VAT Checker is a mobile app that can help consumers to instantly check whether the amount of money they paid as VAT to the government is actually going to the government exchequer or not.

The app allows users to check the VAT registration status of traders and send complaints to the government. Traders, especially restaurateurs, routinely dodge VAT payments even though they charge their patrons for it, the app is a way for consumers to fight back. The app lets consumers enter an outlet’s Business Identification Number (BIN) to check whether the VAT registration number is valid and whether there are irregularities with it or not. If the BIN does not appear to be in order, consumers can complain to the authorities using the app. The app allows users to check the VAT registration status of traders and send complaints to the government.

This app works towards making consumers aware of the tax that is levied on them for the services they bought, tracking down defaulters and helping government collect several hundred crores of VAT.

To monitor all complaints and notify users, a feedback technology is developed for National Board of Revenue (NBR) wherein every consumer will be notified whether any action is taken for their complaint through mobile app notification system.

In Bangladesh a lot of cases have been reported where. Recently, a number of posts on the social media have gone viral, which allege that traders, mostly restaurants and fast food cafes, evade value added taxes (VAT) by not depositing it to government exchequer, although they do collect a huge amount of money as VAT from their consumers.

Until April 2016, more than 30,000 people in Bangladesh have downloaded the app with 1500 five star ratings on google play store.