Sri Lanka Museums

Project Name: Sri Lanka Museums
Organisation: Department of National Museums Sri Lanka
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Sri Lanka Museums, an app for tourists, educators, and curious minds

Department of National Museums Sri Lanka deployed an android app—Sri Lanka Museums in May 2015. This mobile application is multilingual and available in three languages – Sinhala, Tamil and English.

In the modern world museums are facing a threat of lack of attendance of visitors. Modern technologies offer people far more easy and competitive ways for their education and leisure activities and also expect to combine learning with entertaining experience. To face these challenges Department of National Museums has realized that they need to switch from static traditional way of exhibits presentation into modern technological way. Hence the main objective of the project was to develop an Android/iOS based application which virtually put museums at visitor’s fingertips.

The app enables users to virtually tour museums of Sri Lanka, explore information in any of the three languages in an audio/text format by searching from a list of artifacts, scanning the QR code or entering the item name. The application asks for the user’s location, hence detecting the museum and helping users route their way accoridngly or the user can manually select the museums to explore. The users can access information without any delay with an interactive view of the museum and its artwork and artifacts. The Social connect and sharing feature of the app lets users share their experience, location, information real-time on social media and hence reaching out to a wider audience. The users can also locate different galleries and sections inside a museum through augmented reality viewing technology implemented.

The key features of the mobile app are:

  1. Content module (Text, Voice and Photos)
  2. Indoor Positioning System
  3. Social Connect and Sharing
  4. Augmented Reality viewer

Project Name: Patari
Organisation: Patari
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Largest online respository of Pakistani music on a mobile app and web

 Patari is Pakistan’s largest online repository of Pakistani music. On mobile or wifi networks, through its app, users can stream music anywhere at any time. Patari curates ‘pick of the day’, ‘highlights of the week’, ‘top charts’ to make it convenient to explore and discover new music. It also lets you search music according to genres, mood and regions. It offers a user-friendly interface, browser- based, mobile compatible platform not only to its listeners but to its artists too.

Patari mitigates artists away from piracy and less moetised platforms. It provides music licensing and royalties to artists. To-date, Patari has paid PKR 1.25 Million as royalties to all its artists, its 40% of gross revenue that is generates goes back to the artists as royalties.

 Patari aims to regenerate the lost value of Pakistani music by converting music fans from poorly monetized formats to paid streaming format, which produces far more value per listener. Patari is not just an app, it empowers its musicians by monetaising their work, it promotes homegrown music, this, reviving the Pakistani music industry, helps organise gigs and concerts of which the major chunk of the revenue goes back to the artist., helping artists produce new music the Pakistani music industry, which represents s Pakistan’s Culture -Helping Artists produce new music and helping to make the industry conducive to newer artists coming in and creating great music – The statistics show that newer indie musicians captivate the audiences and their music is streamed more and hence get better payouts.

This makes their passion of creating new music more viable, in a country where its not easy for most artist’s to earn money playing music.  We also collect analytics on which artists & genre’s are being heard the most and picked the top 6, and funded those artist’s to produce new music for an album called Patari Asli’s (Urdu for Originals). We gave them complete creative control and allowed them to retain rights to their tracks as well, just asking for a month’s worth of exclusivity on Patari. So we promote and empower the musician’s in whatever way we can.

Patari is available for download on ios or android app, also through website, 25000 on social media and 30,000 have downloaded the app.


Project Name: Matrubharti
Organisation: Matrubharti Technologies Pvt. Ltd
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Mobile app lets users self-publish, read and sell e-books in regional languages

Matrubharti is a digital self-publishing & reading platform available in five Indian vernacular languages. Authors can publish their work in various genres including fiction, non-fiction, adventure, travel, biographies.

Matrubharti has developed a reading application is available for a worldwide download on both iPhone and android.

Matrubharti encourages Indian Authors to publish their work in the form of e-books in their regional languages. It aims to preserve language and culture by digitizing books of the region. It provides its authors copyright protection and royalties for publishing their ebooks.

To get unlimited access to all the books that are published on the platform. Matrubharti App lets users register for free with ad pop-ups or buy a subscription without ads. It also lets users sign-up and login with social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, wherein they can share their activities with their social network. Depending on the choices of the reader, automated suggestions appear based on genres, related books and authors. An automated reminder is sent to readers about their incomplete readings.

Matrubharti App has also launched a multi-lingual editor for authors. The feature allows writers to select their piece of work, make notes and comments in their regional languages and later share annotations with their network.

Matrubharti generates revenue by monetizing Google Ads from free users and subscription free from premium users. It uses an intelligent advertisement logic to display regional advertisements to promote local businesses to its readers. Independent publishers can sell books to its target customers

Matrubharti generates revenue by monetising Google Ads from free readers, subscription fee from premium users, and local ads from local businesses. Local advertisers get access to target customers in regional areas. Independent publishers can also sell books by targeting users by interest, region, genre.

To date, Over 1100 authors of 5 languages have contributed 3600 ebooks with over 5 lacs downloads of ebooks by 40000 readers.