for designing a data collection mobile application for the community women volunteers

Initiative Name: Aangan’s mobile-based Family vulnerability assessment tool
Aangan Trust
App Link:
Maharashtra, India

Aangan’s mobile-based Family vulnerability assessment tool  seeks to change the management of data by involving communities to get involved and share their innate understanding, anecdotal evidence, insight and socio-cultural groundings. This application is used by community women volunteers in addition to field staff as their local intel on prevalent child risks allows for stakeholders to take collective action. In the current Covid-19 crisis, Aangan’s mobile-based tool launched on DataOGram has accelerated the data collection process helping to assess priority risks experienced by vulnerable families, especially women and children, and take immediate steps to ensure their safety.

Aangan’s tool has observed 4782 women volunteers collect hyperlocal data from over 108,050 families who are at-risk of unsafe migration, don’t have access to healthcare insurance or formal financial system. This tool has helped community women volunteers and families keep over 225700 children safe from serious harms of early marriage, hazardous labour, trafficking and abuse.