Initiative Name: Mandi Trades
Organization: Farmobi Technologies Pvt Ltd.
App Link:


Mandi Trades is a multi-lingual mobile application and Web portal aggregator, targeting farmers and bulk buyers — such as retailers, traders, exporters, hotels and caterers directly — through a business-to-business model.

On the portal, farmers can list agricultural commodities and post details of the crop by using a smartphone. The auto geo-tagging feature helps connect local traders to farmers. The app helps farmers set prices of farm commodities by referring to the data provided by the government, rendering decision-making easier for farmers. Buyers can search for farmers, particular produce, or its particular variety. The app provides various advanced filters to narrow down options by geography, location, price, availability, yield, etc. To help buyers plan procurement, harvest information is also available in advance.

Mandi Trades provides farmers more choices of buyers, better rates, reduces last-minute rush sale and holds negotiations well ahead of time. The app is simple and has an interactive user-interface, which empowers farmers and eliminates middlemen who do not add value to the agriculture produce supply chain. The unorganised farming community gets access to better price realisation. Farmers can gauge average demand, peak/low-demand season, in-season and off-season needs from the data available on the app. This enables them to plan their farming activities better.