Initiative Name: Digital Manush
Organization: Digital Manush
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Digital Manush is a platform to help service providers by giving them a chance to work on a digital platform. People believe that changing homes or switching to a new area is a hassle because they need human resources and do not know where they can find them.

The objective of this organisation is connecting workers to the general public easily and evaluating said workmen for quality control. Now, with just a few clicks in the app, one can connect with the desired worker in their area. Consumers rate workers so that others can get the best services by checking the reviews.  Digital Manush also provides 100 per cent-ensured doorstep services via its hotline, and guarantees safety. They encourage people to take up initiatives like rooftop gardening, street cleaning and other socially beneficial activities.  About 300-400 service providers are engaged in jobs through the Digital Manush platform in Dhaka city, Bangladesh. It also efficiently helps the people to get access to services in a timely and cost-effective manner. Over 9,000 families are currently using this app. The team is working hard to collect more vendors’ information in other areas for expanding their services. It seems empowering people digitally and creating independent workforce is the key aspiration of Digital Manush.