Original title: Colombo Ride 2.0
Producer: W.G.T.Fernando
Organisation: Gamos Technology Solutions (GTS)
Location: Colombo, SRI LANKA
Platform: Game Based
language: Sinhala


Colombo Ride 2.0 is a Sinhala multiplayer mobile game. It is the successor to the first Sinhala mobile game Colombo Ride which was launched in 2008.The game revolves around a taxi driver who must find passengers to make a living. The twist is that the environment depicted in the game is an almost identical map of Colombo, the business capital of Sri Lanka. This enables enterprises and businesses in and around Colombo to place their advertisements inside the game. These sponsors, thus, are able to add value to their brand while allowing the game developers to make the game available to users for free. When going from one location to another, there is a voice clip in Sinhala which tells the driver where the passenger wants to be dropped off. The provision of‘highscores’ is another feature and these scores are displayed on the supporting site.

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