Finalists 2013 : m-Woman & Children

1026_Home-Remedies.gifProject Title : Home Remedies
Organisation : Mango Technologies Pvt Ltd.
Country : INDIA
Website :

Home Remedies is a guide to natural home remedies using herbal or homely made supplements. App gives an easy learning on replacing most commonly used over the counter medicines in treatment of common health problems. App also allows you add remedies in your personal schedule along with voice memo. Provides list of exclusive remedies for women’s health, kids, heart, obesity, diabetes, skin and hair care. Application provides herbal solutions so that health and their lifestyle are improved.

Application shall be tested on lumia Phone. the steps are: 1. Open Windows marketplace on device 2. Tap on the search button in the footer 3. Store Search screen will be shown 4. Type in Home Remedies 5. Tap on the right arrow or go button at the bottom right 6. Tap on the free version or the first option to be shown by mango technologies 8. Tap on the install button at the bottom 9. Tap on the allow button for access location 10. Application will be installed on the device.

Application provides common ailments solutions based on common commodities like spices, fruits and vegetables available in the household as everyone carries their smart phones every time they have a benefit to their health by following the methods mentioned. Application also helps in common day to day ailments i.e. Cold, Cough, Acne, Hair loss, Backache.

1063_Ez-School-Bus.gifProject Title : Ez School Bus Locator
Organisation : LateraLogics
Country : INDIA
Website :

Ez School Bus locator is a ‘school bus and student tracker app solution’ that helps parents track the bus as well their ward’s availability in the school bus. It supports both non-internet phones and smart phones to get the location details. Parents with normal phones (noninternet) can track their ward’s school bus location including their ward’s availability in the bus by just sending an SMS. The app comprises two modules – Ez School Bus locator (Parent) and Ez School Bus locator (Attender). Both these modules work together (in Client/Server mode). This app is a real necessity for all parents who have their kids commuting by school buses. How it Works:Enter your phone number, bus phone number, and your child’s Student iD when you start the app for the first time. these could be changed later, if required.

1. Tap the Bus on map button to view the bus on the (Google) map.

2. Long press the Bus on map button to see the location details (text)
of the bus.

3. Tap the Child in Bus button to check your child’s availability information
(Present/Absent) in the bus.

4.Tap the Distance & time button to view the distance and the time
for the bus to reach your (Parent’s) place.

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