Session 3.2

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Chairperson: Basheer Hamad Shadrach, Development Consultant, New Delhi

Co-Chair & Moderator: RajatKathuria, Director and Chief Executive, Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations (ICRIER)

Jury Expert View: BinayTiwari, Global Marketing Head,

  • Workshop presenters (name, organization):
  • Valerie Wagoner, Founder & CEO, Zipdial Mobile Marketing And Analytics Platform,Zip dial Mobile Solutions Pvt. Ltd., India
  • ragyaMajumder, Consultant – Programme Development, Sewa-Sbi Financial InclusionProgramme, Sewa Bharat, India
  • Stan Thekaekara, Director, Adivasi Tea Leaf Marketing (ATLM) Paperless Workflow, Accord,India
  • PawanPathak, Paytm, One97 Communicatons Ltd., India
  • Mrinal Mohindra, Associate Vice President, Online-Products, Kotak Stock Trader, Kotak

Securities Limited., India

  • RavitejaDodda, Founder, Delightcircle, Pipal Tech Ventures Pvt. Ltd., India

Objectives of the workshop:

  • Use of Mobile to enhance the productivity/Reach & Services of enterprises;
  • The importance of affordable, quality and accessible content and services for enhanced business process until the last mile putting the right kind of Mobile infrastructure;
  • How mobile devices can strengthen banking and financial inclusion services?

The first speaker of the session was Pragya Majumder from Sewa Bharat, India. She talked about the business correspondent in hills of Uttarakhand model, a model for financial inclusion that uses mobile technology. Sewa Bharat is an organisation that rallies for the interest of the workers and advocates for their rights. Women in Uttarakhand work endlessly in difficult weather and terrain. Owing to the climate and terrain, banks there are hard to find. Hence, this model employs local women who linkthe banked and unbanked areas, through financial inclusion by SBI. All the requirements of these women are fulfilled. Modes of identity like fingerprints, a photograph of the user, allow even illiterate people to open their accounts in these banks. The information collected is transparent and no security deposit is collected to aid the poor. It is a way two way model where banks are built and services are provided to these people, with banks ready to tap this enormous resource of savings by them.

The second speaker Stan Thekaekara from Accord,Indiatalked aboutworking with the adivasis in a remote village in south India, fighting for their land rights, their healthcare, education and economic development. They have put up a hospital, a school, with researchers coming from the government and other places to collect information about their health and schooling, etc. And all this information is updated to the server through a mobile when there’s connectivity. Reminders about due check-ups are also sent through mobiles to them. Also, to overcome some hazards like data inaccuracy or data mismatch between the office servers and the tribals, every new update is uploaded on the server through phones with wifi. This ensures transparency. They have also provided every tribal with a unique ID card which allows all the information to be stored in one place, accessed by that ID, which gives them the power to choose who has the access to their data, ensuring data security and privacy.

The third speaker, Sudhanshu from One97 Communicatons Ltd., Indiashowed a presentation on an app called ‘Paytm’, which allows easy payment and recharges to be done on your prepaid mobile. It is reliable and convenient. Paytm cash is accessible through phone, web, smartphone app, or a phone call or sms, allowing users to recharge their phones with utter ease. It also allows you to buy bus tickets. It has an easy to use interface, secure online payment options, ensures secure handling of data and transactions, and provides  24*7 customer care services.

The fourth speaker Mrinal Mohindra from Kotak Securities Limited.India,talked about providing their customers with different trading platforms to track and monitor their investments in capital market products. Kotak Stock Trader is a means of mobile trading which allows this. It brings capital markets on the move to the customer at the remotest locations through mobiles. The app also has a guest section for customers who don’t have an account with them but still want to monitor their watch lists and the movements in the market. Thus, this app empowers customers with full connectivity to the outside world, whenever they want, no matter where they are.

The fifth speaker Valerie Wagonertalked about how Zip dial helps understanding the users, what they do, what services they use and what value this creates to the advertisers through a mobile interface. They can understand their media better, track where people are participating from, and hence increasing the reach of their media. They get to know their customers’ needs and responses better, thus leading to personalised marketing and interactions with the consumers.

The next speaker Sahil from Delight circle talked about a two sided network connecting the user and the advertiser through mobile, bringing Google like targeted advertising capability to a local merchant. It is the largest aggregator of offline offers and coupon information spanning across 350 brands and 50,000 stores across India. They provide a cloud based platform to the merchant to create an offer or a coupon targeted to his location, thus making it simple for him to reach out the consumer. For the customers, they provide a variety of apps for different phones, making it easy for them to access these coupons and offers.

The first few apps presented provide a clear and practical way to empower people across the country by giving them access to resources so that they can make their own decisions and become independent.

The online stock trading app gives traders an over the counter way to easy and accessible online trading through mobiles.

Mobiles always play an important role in the lives of advertisers and their customers, providing an easy way to the advertisers to publicize and for the customers to shop at the best possible rates.

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